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ACM Worldwide, Inc. is an established construction and security organization with decades of experience in some of the most challenging and dangerous environments in the world. We handle all aspects of the construction project, from design to construction to security on the job site. We refer to this construction model as Building For "E.F.F.E.C.T." This proven methodology ensures timely, safe, and definite completion; meeting all environmental and situational challenges.

In an unstable world where conflict is inevitable, who is willing to pick up the pieces and help a nation get back on its feet? ACM Worldwide is. When a nation has the manpower to dust itself off and rebuild an infrastructure capable of sustaining growth and prosperity, but lacks the engineering know how to set the gears of change in motion, who can they turn to? ACM Worldwide will be there to help.

The ACM executive team is comprised of individuals hand selected for their skill and experience. From our construction experts, to our security personnel, to the world’s finest engineers, ACM’s executives endow the organization with the practical “know-how” and industry knowledge to guide the vision of the company. Our engineers and project managers utilize state of the art software for design, procurement, and logistics. All of our projects can be managed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. With the additional resources of military special-operations and military intelligence experts, you are guaranteed that we are the best possible solution to your immediate and long-term construction needs.

We will implement your vision through our systems to achieve both the short term and long term goals. We are focused on managing all aspects of your construction project, even in the most hazardous environments.
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