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Building  Ports And Harbors For The Future
Many challenges lie ahead for governments and private corporations  who operate and maintain the ports and harbors contained within their border’s. Those challenges effect everyone who rely upon them for their livelihoods. The good news is that in the next 20 years experts predict a 65 percent increase in the amount of cargo transported by container ships. Containerized trade is the fastest growing segment of the worldwide economy, doubling every 10 years. This means a steady increase in the number of vessels calling on those ports. In turn, that means more jobs and a stronger economy.
ACM Engineer’s Have Developed
  • Port and Harbor Surveys
  • Security Systems and Plans
  • Surveillance Systems and Plans
  • Inland and Deep Water Port Designs
  • Inland and Deep Water Port Construction
  • Dredging Plans and Schedules
  • Underwater Harbor and Channel Surveys
  • Underwater Demolition
  • Underwater EOD
  • Diving and Salvage
Our Team at ACM Worldwide has a number of individuals with years of management experience specifically in this area. Whether we are involved with large, long term construction projects like the Port of Oakland, California or conducting dredging surveys for the Iraqi government, our personnel can handle the job. Our security division, Global Security and Retrieval, has conducted harbor security and surveillance assessments for governments and private companies around the world.
Transportation infrastructure is one of the most important pieces of building a world class port of entry. ACM Worldwide’s management team has a long history of meeting such challenges all over the world. Rail Intermodal systems, container transfer from ship to rail or truck, and ship to ship loading are just some of the methods of freight movement that our engineer’s, diver’s, and construction professionals have to consider. Their experience is the most important element that ACM brings to the project. 
Whether your project comprises the dredging of existing channels, harbors, and basins or a completely new design, we can handle it. From tidal basins to navigation channels, from breakwater construction to utilizing reclaimed materials, our team will work with you for the best results.  

Our Petroleum specialists are available to consult with the Engineering Team on issues ranging from storage facilities to the re-routing of existing pipelines. A study by our Petroleum Team on either lowering an existing pipeline or rerouting it away of all future development, can effect the cost of a project by millions of dollars.
ACM Worldwide has the specific expertise to plan, design, and construct your project. Our leadership team has created port and harbor facilities all over the world.
Diving and Salvage
ACM Worldwide has an extensive staff  of expertly trained diving personel to include former US Navy Dive specialists. We have extensive experience in diving, clearing and disposal or reclaiming of  underwater wreckage and ordinance removal.  No matter the task we have the ability and expertise to clear your  harbours, rivers, and ports  of any underwater obstacles.